Slay Rides CTM Event – Another Winner!

Titan and Project 23 to Zero had an incredible time showcasing what we do to all those in attendance at CTM’s Slay Rides event at The Treasure Coast Mall recently. With over one thousand in attendance, we were excited to not only spread the word about what we do as a company but why we do it as well! As the sun set, the night was overcome by hundreds of cars, trucks, Jeeps and other unique modes of transportation shining bright with their rims, specialty modifications, sound systems, strobe lights and yes… even a backseat chandelier!

Throughout the event we were able to meet other business owners and give out plenty of business cards. But the real fun? The kids! At this event the kids had ALL THE POWER for one night only! The winners in each category were not voted on by other participants, judges or anyone over 4 foot tall. The winners were entirely voted on by the kids!!!! At our booth, we had a few kids that kept bringing their parents back for more – they couldn’t get enough of Orange Star Crush, a friend’s Jeep that had not only Santa and a tree on the back, but Frosty himself on the rooftop. Our favorite moment of the night was seeing an upset child just barely old enough to talk turn the corner, look up, point and exclaim “Hi, Frosty! Mommy, look, it’s Frosty!” Thank you to all the kids that brought your parents over to learn more about Titan and the services we provide!

And last but not least, please join us in congratulating Mandy Burgess for winning the Titan Pressure Washing $50 Gift Certificate! Thank you all for dropping in your cards and papers. Join us at our next event for another chance to win! Be sure to check out our PHOTO GALLERY for pictures of this unique event.