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The Titan Difference is a phrase our customers have coined to describe the night and day difference between prior service and what they received with Titan! See our Before & Afters

No. Most homeowners and businesses do not realize that this industry is unregulated in Florida. The state does not issue a license for pressure washing or paver sealing (other than a local business tax receipt previously know as an Occupational License that simply allows the business to operate). Read About Us.

That’s a great question! Be sure to ask any pressure washing or paver sealing contractor what license they’re referring to since Florida does not issue a license for this industry. Gauranteed: It’s not a license to pressure wash! Read About Us.

Always ask your contractor if they are fully insured. Most of the time, they’ll answer “yes” without informing you (or possibly without knowing) that their “fully insured” policy does NOT include roofs! OVER 80% of “Fully Insured” policies EXCLUDE roofs due to liability. Pricey policies cover them. Make sure whoever you hire is FULLY insured. TITAN IS FULLY INSURED INCLUDING ROOF COVERAGE. Read About Us.

Unbelievably… yes! Since the insurance company insures your roof from damage they expect you to do your part. Dirty roofs are not from dirt, but from living organisms that are eating into the roof material deteriorating it and causing permanent damage. DON’T LET A DIRTY ROOF GET YOUR INSURANCE CANCELLED! See our News page for more info.

Yes! Titan is NATIONALLY CERTIFIED FOR ROOF CLEANING by the Power Washers of North America (PWNA) and has completed all training and continued education. Titan is also a preferred contractor with PWNA. See our Before & Afters

Simply put…because our customers matter! You’re not just a number. Additionally, our quotes are based on your needs. Prices can be discounted if what you need isn’t “that bad” and roof quotes are partially based on the amount of growth so we can customize the chemical mix for your home. Lastly, we enjoy helping our customers understand the process, what sets us apart and what they can expect from our services. See our Before & Afters

Yes! Before we begin cleaning, we provide a complimentary assessment of your roof for broken tiles, shifted / loose tiles and other potential issues. Explore Our Services

NO. Titan uses industry standard and professional quality cleaning products. WE DO NOT USE POWDER POOL CHLORINE mixed in water like most competitors do. It can cause roof damage to asphalt shingles, barrel tile, s-tile, and flat roof tiles AND can discolor the sidewalks and building. It can void your roof warranty, shorten the lifespan of your roof, and ruin your landscaping. Explore Our Services

Yes, we do! HOT pressure washing provides a much more thorough job and longer lasting results as it deeply cleans on & below the surface. Explore Our Services

Nothing on our truck is pre-mixed. Our pro-portioner allows us to create custom chemical mixes (vs. pre-mixed). Customizing allows us to use the proper amounts to remove growth, stains, gum, grease, tire marks, etc. and is key to avoid unnecessary damage to your property. We ONLY use what your property needs! Explore Our Services

Most contractors leave harmful chemicals on your roof to “keep working” after they’re gone. This is actually damaging your roof and will kill your landscaping after the next rainfall. Titan makes sure to kill the organic growth on-site and neutralizes your roof before we leave. By doing so, no harmful chemicals remain on your roof and nothing harmful will pour off your roof the next time it rains. Explore Our Services

Yes, Titan is the local trained & approved applicator for our sealing products. They are GREEN environmentally friendly products that penetrate the surfaces we seal. See our sealing pages for Roofs, Concrete and Pavers.

Titan has a 5 point system for protecting your landscaping. Our process is thoroughly explained to the homeowner during our in-person estimates. Explore Our Services

The short answer is No. Although water is a part of protection, alone it cannot combat the chemicals necessary to kill organic growth. Explore Our Services and Read Our Reviews

Have you seen surface cleaners on a roof? Most people describe it as the small disc that cleans the tiles. BEWARE IF A CONTRACTOR USES THIS METHOD. Surface cleaners are meant to be used on the ground as they can cause tremendous amounts of damage on a roof and should NEVER be used for roof cleaning. Insurance claims can be denied due to negligent contractors using equipment, high pressure and other harmful methods for cleaning. Explore Our Services and Read Our Reviews

Using only water requires high pressure to remove organic growth causing high damage to your roof. Insurance claims can be denied due to negligent contractors using equipment, high pressure and other harmful methods for cleaning. Explore Our Services and Read Our Reviews

The first difference is the pressure being used given the material surface being cleaned. Second, is the chemical mix used in combination with the water. A roof should NEVER be pressure washed. Insurance claims can be denied due to negligent contractors using equipment, high pressure and other harmful methods for cleaning. Explore Our Services and Read Our Reviews

There are many things that set us apart, but here are just a few…

  1. We are Nationally Certified in Roof Cleaning
  2. PWNA Preferred Contractor
  3. We offer HOT pressure washing
  4. We SEAL roofs & concrete, not just pavers
  5. We are perfectionists! “Good enough” is not a part of our vocabulary.
  6. We are setting a higher standard for what you can expect!
  7. We have a 4 point system to PROTECT your landscaping
  8. We are Veteran & Locally Owned
  10. Custom Chemical Mix – Nothing Pre-mixed! No One Size Fits All Cleaning
  11. Our Community Involvement
  12. Shall We Go On?

Explore Our Services and Read Our Reviews

Yes, we do get on your roof and are TRAINED to do so. We are NATIONALLY CERTIFIED IN ROOF CLEANING. Additionally, we hold the proper insurance required (see question above). The reason for this is to provide a DEEP clean that kills all the organic material from every angle. Additionally, spraying from a ladder makes it impossible to properly control the cleaning process and protect your home & landscaping. Explore Our Services and Read Our Reviews

Yes! Titan provides services for Residential, Commercial & Industrial properties. We use professional grade equipment to service a range of property types and carry full insurance coverage including workers compensation. Explore Our Services and Read Our Reviews

Yes, Titan will provide COI for liability and workers compensation along with a W9 for all commercial & industrial projects upon request. Explore Our Services and Read Our Reviews

Titan cleans from top to bottom outside your home. Roofs, home exterior, pool patio, screen enclosures, sidewalks / walkways, storage sheds, driveways, retaining walls, boat pads, AC pads, patio, decks and docks! Additionally, we can seal your Roof, Concrete & Pavers! Explore Our Services and Read Our Reviews

Titan cleans from top to bottom outside your property. Roofs, building exterior, sidewalks / walkways, parking lots, curbs / curb stops, aprons, drive-thru, concrete pads, AC pads, industrial warehouses, airplane hangar, dumpster enclosures, shopping center, food truck and more! Additionally, we can seal your Roof, Concrete & Pavers! Explore Our Services and Read Our Reviews

Yes, we can clean the IPE wood decks / docks around your home as well as other hard wood surfaces. Explore Our Services and Read Our Reviews

P23 is close to our hearts for a number of reasons. As a Veteran, Casey has been impacted by friends with PTSD and those that have taken their own life. Sarah has also lost loved ones to suicide and seen the lasting grief torment those left behind. Together, the impact has been great! Titan’s desire is to bring awareness to the crisis and help Veterans receive resolution for their PTSD! Read more about Project23toZero

No, Titan is veteran and locally owned and is not a part of a franchise. Read About Us

Titan is very focused on making Martin County a better place for everyone to live and work. Titan frequently partners with local veteran non-profits in their fundraising & awareness efforts. Titan is also the Treasure Coast representative for Project 23 to Zero, a veteran non-profit that helps reduce the daily suicide rates. Additionally, Titan is a member of the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce and also a member and Ambassador of the Stuart Martin County Chamber of Commerce. We love connecting businesses with residents that need their services! Read about our News & Events